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What is a Digital Agency?

It’s hard to define what we do really. We’re a company that has the ability to listen to your ideas and create a complete strategy for getting that idea to market along with the necessary vehicles such as website, app or advertising material in the form of banner or html5 specific shows. So you see – it’s a very broad arena. So we choose the term “Digital Agency” to encompass all things technology that help our clients create, deliver, promote, engage and communicate their way to success.

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Online Markerting Trends

What the Future Holds ?

Just read a great article on iMedia (by Jodi Harris ) today about the future and what it holds for technology. The interview was with Ray Kurzweil who is a renowned futurist and inventor (flat bed scanner, OCD recognition software etc). Basically his speciality is in pattern recognition in artificial intelligence and has been predicting with great accuracy the rates of advancements and change in regard to the internet and wireless technology.

2 things fascinated me with this article.

The first was the thought that with advancements in wireless technology and the ability to weave this into everyday life such as clothes, opens a massive door to future marketers. Already they are saying that consumers are struggling to adopt the technology that marketers are building campaigns around.

So what about the ability to have a T-shirt that you decide which logo to wear for that day, or even to choose to show a series of logos transmitted at intervals in which you receive money from the advertiser similar to that of adwords in the content network – that’s trippy.

The second thing that I found incredible was in this statement from the article;

“Within 20 years, computers will match human intelligence and pass the “Turing test,” in which they will be indistinguishable from human intelligence. But this will not be an alien invasion of intelligent machines to compete with us and displace us.

We will use these machines as we have always used our tools — to extend our own reach. We will put these machines inside our bodies to keep us healthier, and in our brains to make us smarter. We will send these computers, which will be the size of blood cells, into our brains noninvasively through the capillaries.

If it sounds futuristic to put computers in our brains, I would point out that Parkinson’s patients do this already, and the latest generation of this FDA-approved neural implant allows new software to be downloaded into the computer in the patient’s brain from outside the body.

That’s today, and in the future we will all be doing this with millions of such computers in a noninvasive fashion. So we will need to merge with our technology in order to keep up with it.”

Love this idea or hate it – the reality is that we are not going regress and that evolution is a part of life. What I struggle with sometimes is that I am living in a time where evolution is happening in front of us. Rather than read about evolution in text books like we did in school – we are now in present time with it, and I will get to witness or even take part in the fact that a small blood cell size computer may be placed into my body to make me smarter, stronger, faster …

Wasn’t there a guy called Steve Austin that  had all of this about 30 years ago?

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