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What is a Digital Agency?

It’s hard to define what we do really. We’re a company that has the ability to listen to your ideas and create a complete strategy for getting that idea to market along with the necessary vehicles such as website, app or advertising material in the form of banner or html5 specific shows. So you see – it’s a very broad arena. So we choose the term “Digital Agency” to encompass all things technology that help our clients create, deliver, promote, engage and communicate their way to success.

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Online Markerting Trends

Brand Awareness Online

One area that we go over a fair bit lately with our clients is the need to have a strong brand awareness strategy.

In short what this means in the online advertising world is that it is OK to embark on a strategy that just looks at promoting your business brand. Actually, it’s more than ok, it is a must.

You see the habits of off-line purchase decision making and online purchase decision making are very similar in many ways. I think we need to get out of our heads that off-line and online advertising are at 2 different ends of the spectrum. We also need to stop thinking about online advertising as clicks on ads.

A recent study performed by ComScore (adage N.Y) studied 139 online ad campaigns by marrying data from its panel of U.S. internet users with shopper data, found online ads, even when they didn’t result in a click, increased a consumer’s likelihood of making a purchase at an advertiser’s retail store by 17% and increased visits to a marketer’s website by an average of 40%.

What they are saying here is that your awareness of brands you spot as you travel the web stay with you long after you leave the computer and go about your daily life. What you want is for your clients to have brand recall of your products and services over that of your competitors. They can’t do this if they are not seeing you online.

Yes this means get your site optimised and increase traffic to it – but it also means think laterally. Where can you brand appear online. This can be in the form of banners, rich media advertising, contributing to social sites or the standard Google Ads. What works for one company may not work for another.  Test analyse and re test – there is no secret here.

Just on a side note to those that say banner advertising is dead ….. yeah to a degree I think that the popup ads and misplaced “in your face” style has no place online. What I do love is a well thought out ad on a relevant site.

To give you an example – I drive a 1976 Kombi – I love this car and it is completely restored.

I visit the Kombi Forums often to chat and find new and better ways to keep her hummin along. It’s a very Niche site with a VERY niche market. On this site I found a well placed banner ad that wanted me to look at some amazing kombi parts on sale. …….. so I do  …….. and I find a small site that just does that, and very well I might add.

So I keep going back, and again to purchase online and have stuff sent to me within a day or 2. This business is now full-time for the guy that started and growing.

I get stopped everyday by other kombi drivers and just people wanting to buy one and everytime I tell them about the Bus Stop …… so whats my point!  – Advertise, get out there and test, analyse and build your business. No different to how it has always been.

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  • Julian Bradder

    I think that non interruptive and relevant advertising continues to have an important role in any brand communication strategy – but relevance is becoming increasingly important.

  • dcp511

    To the point and an excellent article.