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What is a Digital Agency?

It’s hard to define what we do really. We’re a company that has the ability to listen to your ideas and create a complete strategy for getting that idea to market along with the necessary vehicles such as website, app or advertising material in the form of banner or html5 specific shows. So you see – it’s a very broad arena. So we choose the term “Digital Agency” to encompass all things technology that help our clients create, deliver, promote, engage and communicate their way to success.

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Future marketing

What the Future Holds ?

Just read a great article on iMedia (by Jodi Harris ) today about the future and what it holds for technology. The interview was with Ray Kurzweil who is a renowned futurist and inventor (flat bed scanner, OCD recognition software etc). Basically his speciality is in pattern recognition in artificial intelligence and has been predicting with great accuracy the rates of advancements and change in regard to the internet and wireless technology. Read more…

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